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Blaž, maybe not

When journalists asked one of the leading Slovenian CEOs about his ambitions to enter into politics, the Minister for the Economy could...

Don`t copy us

When the captivated and hack-thirsty audience asked the master of online “trolling” what was the magic recipe for success, he answered:...

Oh, come on, dude

A hall full of experts, laypeople and enthusiasts in social media stood face to face with the “Slovenian king of Instagram”. It was going...

About me

I help companies, interest groups, and the public sector manage strategic communication challenges and opportunities. My main focus is supporting organisations in change management, corporate branding and reputation management, as well as employee communications.

  • 20+ years of experience in corporate and marketing communications, reputation management and corporate branding

  • Systematic and structured approach

  • Combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience


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